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If Man in Moon chose you to be a Guardian, you must have something very special inside… (x)


Facing this stuff in real life is not like school. In school, if you make a mistake you can just try again tomorrow, but out there, when you’re a second away from being murdered or watching a friend die right before your eyes… you don’t know what that’s like.

I believe our brazilian definition of race is different from the one in most of the countries so that's why some people don't agree with you. Like, many of my dad's ancestors were black freedmen and just a few were europeans but he has green eyes and a very light skin so no matter what people consider him white but I am brown because of my mum. So yes, for Brazilians you will always be white. We are such a mixed people we can't even say where we come from anymore so we measure by the skin colour

this is the last message i’ll publish about the matter, because really, it’s exhausting, talking to people who think their social experience is more valid than yours. thank you for taking your time to share your experience, and have a nice night!

i never said i was white? YOU need to realize that usa isn't the centre of the world. i'm from south america too, especifically argentina. there are a lot of people who are descendents from germans or italians or another european ethnicity here but nobody actually do what you say. i know there's no such a thing as that kind of culture nowhere in brazil nor anywhere in latin america.

you know nothing about my country if you think so. being from south america does not make you an authority in a culture that isn’t yours. in order to judge my experience, you would have to have either gone through it or researched it, which is clear you haven’t. do not make it your business to tell me, a BRAZILIAN CITIZEN, how MY COUNTRY works, or how the way it perceives me affects me on a daily basis. you have no right to do so.

I'm hispanic, but everyone thinks I'm white because I am very white complected. Does that mean I'm white?

here’s how it works.

i wish ethnicity was only a matter of identity, but it’s also a matter of power. if you are read as white by your society and treated as such, you are privileged and hold a position of power above others. it means your experience is that of a white person. in the end, it depends on where you live and how the people of your country perceive the issue of race.

but if you’re hispanic, you’re hispanic. that’s it. be proud of your culture, of your background, of who you are. despite what others might see you as.

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so you're like dismissing entirely history and social studies because you think it's better to identify yourself as white, which you're not, than as a person of color? not to mention how borderline racist that is.

no, i’m basing myself on the history and social studies of MY COUNTRY, which are not the same as yours. my country is, by definition, one of mixed ethnicity. i am not dismissing my culture, because in my culture i am white. in my culture i am privileged. in my culture, it would be racist to claim not to be white, because i would be appropriating someone else’s experience, seeing as i have always been treated as white in my society. do yourself a favor and realize that your country is not the center of the world. do not call me racist based on standards that might work on yours but make no sense in my reality.

do you you're coming out as racist and ignorant right now right?

woah. did you know that each country has different ways of perceiving race? do you know where i live? i live in brazil. not in europe, most definitely not in the united states. here, society reads me as “caucasian” (the nice word for white) because literally everyone is mixed and we interpret people’s race based on what the color of their skin, which means that even though i would be read as something else entirely elsewhere (the stereotypical “latina”, which is not an ethnicity), in my country i am seen as white, i am treated as white, and i get the privileges of a white person. i am not oppressed based on my skin tone, and i have no right to claim that experience as my own (THAT would be appropriation, THAT would be racism). i am not being racist or ignorant, i am acknowledging the privileges i have in the society i live in, even though they are wrong.

do not assume every country in the world interprets race the same way as yours. educate yourself before you try and judge someone else’s reality.

how light is your skin doesn't always have anything to do with your race

you know what has to do with my race? the way society perceives me and the way i feel about myself. i am treated as white by the standards of my society. i am privileged by the standards of my society. that’s what makes me white.

you're still mixed tho, and not white, since both of your parents aren't white

nah mate, not how things work around here. i’m white. ethnicity is a matter of identity, no one should have a say on mine but myself.